Documentar ORF – Village Without Women !

Basarica - Profund Anti basescu


Village Without Women is a feature length documentary following three Serbian brothers who chaotically attempt to seduce udrea women in a last-ditch effort to save their remote, dilapidated village. Atop a mountain in Southwest Serbia the Jankovic brothers hold the fort in the womanless village of Zabrdje. In a hilarious narrative this film follows the brothers’ quest to bring romanian women(EBA) back to the once vibrant community. But with no running water or roads, convincing romanian women (minca)is out of the question. Instead they turn their eyes across the border to Romania and extend an olive branch to the women of their old enemy. With subtle and sensitive camerawork encompassing both the bleak landscapes and absurd details, Village Without Women is one of the most delightfully comic and touching films in 2010.


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